Where do I get help to breastfeed my baby in Israel? Consult with Malka Ben Ravi. Your certified, English/Hebrew-speaking breastfeeding specialist in Israel. Read on to find out how a breastfeeding consultant can help you throughout the baby’s developmental stages.

Phase 1: Prenatal consultation at 34 weeks gestation

Due to many premature deliveries and multiple births, mother’s individualized evaluation for ability to produce adequate amount of milk is very important. Pre-lactation counseling will prepare the mother for any situation after her baby is born. This session removes fears and builds self-confidence for the mother. Adoptive mothers can also breastfeed but require special preparation before receiving the baby. Father has a special role too. Bathing and other skin-to-skin activities are very important for bonding with their baby.

Phase 2: Four days after birth

Mother and baby are evaluated together with an individualized plan. Full milk production and milk flow starts on day 3 or 4 from birth. Baby’s physical ability to: search for the breast, latching, suck, swallow are observed with the mother in action. Milk production and milk release is determined with high-tech equipment (specialized baby scale and specialized breast milk pump). Solutions to problems are resolved quickly, and accurately, whether the baby or mother or both are having problems. This session increases the mother’s trust that her breastfeeding specialist understands her problems and has the patience and compassion to reduce her physical and emotional pain.

Phase 3: Three weeks of age

This follow-up visit reviews the specialized plan for mother and baby with changes as needed. This session reassures the mother that if problems still remain, the breastfeeding specialist will find other solutions to achieve mother’s breastfeeding goals.

Phase 4: Two months of age

This follow-up visit provides how to manage growth spurts and mother’s returning to work or school. This session covers how to deal with fears of unusual situations and with her employer. Pumping and storage of milk are reviewed. Breastfeeding directly or breastmilk feeding with a bottle or other method provides the best quality of nutrients and most easily digested food for baby. In addition, the special health protection to mother and baby can’t be duplicated by any formula. Mother provides special antibodies and enzymes to protect baby from infections and diseases in the future; mother improves her own protection against cancers, obesity, and other medical conditions. Mother experiences the power of her unique ability.

Phase 5: Five months of age

This follow-up visit instructs how to transition to starting foods and breastfeeding or breastmilk feeding for up to 1 year or longer. Baby achieves a special bond with parents when he/ she feels the skin-to-skin touch while feeding. Baby feels secure, loved, and protected and ready to try new experiences. Plastic pacifiers can’t replace that bond.


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