Breastfeeding Your Adopted Baby or Baby Born by Surrogate Carrier

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Bet You Didn’t Think Adopted Babies Could be Breastfed By Their Adopted Mothers.

Fact: Women who were not pregnant can produce milk for an adopted baby with special pre-planning and hormone regulation.

Would you like to breastfeed your adopted baby, or one born with a surrogate or gestational carrier? Wonderful! Not only is it possible, chances are you will produce a significant amount of breastmilk.

It is different, though, than a mother breastfeeding a baby with whom she has been pregnant with for many months. But with some determination and perseverance, you will enjoy the wonderful bond that breastfeeding brings and both you and baby will benefit from this breastfeeding experience.

You can prepare yourself in advance, two months to a few weeks before the birth, to make it possible for your breastmilk to start producing. Once the baby has been latched on, they’re able to nurse. You may not initially have the same milk supply, but you will start to feel like the baby is really bonding with you.

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