Your Breastfeeding Experience: Formula Vs. Human Breast Milk

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You might be wondering if breastfeeding is worth the effort compared to just feeding formula to your baby.

Can Baby Formula Really Imitate Breastmilk?

It’s always a heated debate whether to formula feed or breastfeed your child. Ultimately, you will choose your breastfeeding experience based on your personal preference, but here are some facts that could help guide your decision:

  • All baby formulas are made from cow’s milk or soy protein and the composition doesn’t change with the age of the baby. Human breastmilk has an individualized composition for premature babies through one year of age.
  • Formulas have proteins that are not easily digested compared with human breastmilk.
  • Some babies are allergic to formulas but virtually never allergic to human breastmilk.
  • Formulas don’t have antibodies to fight infection, which human breastmilk has and can prevent life-threatening situations such as cancer.
  • Formulas are financially expensive and human breastmilk is free.
  • Formulas require electricity and fresh water; human breastmilk is ready and available in any disaster: war, terror attack, earthquake, flood.
  • Formulas can’t prevent obesity and diabetes; human breastmilk can.

You can watch breastfeeding videos and take breastfeeding classes to help prepare you for breastfeeding. The best way to get personalized care is to contact a breastfeeding specialist. So, do you want to feed your baby second best or top quality? Choose wisely!

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