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Medela Medium Flow Bottle Nipple Medium Size x2 is a perfect nipple for feeding babies from four to six months of age. In this sense, this product is made of soft and smooth BPA-free latex suitable for babies. Furthermore, this nipple allows for a medium age-appropriate breast milk flow. Thus, the baby can easily adapt to breastfeeding while being fed safely, correctly, and comfortably. In turn, this shape adapts perfectly to the newborn’s mouth so that they don’t find it strange when they suckle from their mother’s breasts. In short, these nipples guarantee adequate nutrition for babies. For better baby nutrition, these nipples are specially designed for use with the Medela Baby Bottle with Medium Flow Nipple.


  • Ideal for: feeding babies;
  • Special features: allows a medium flow of food according to the baby’s age;
  • Materials: BPA-free latex;
  • Age: 4 to 6 months;
  • Includes: two nipples.

How to use

Before using Medela Medium Flow Bottle Nipple Medium Size x2, wash your hands thoroughly. Then, just apply the nipples to the bottles before using them.

Product Indications

4 to 6 Months


Medela Medium Flow Bottle Nipple Medium Size x2

Medela Medium Flow Bottle Nipple Medium Size x2 guarantees adequate nutrition for babies through adapted nipples. In addition to allowing a medium and controlled flow of milk, they also adapt perfectly to the little ones’ mouths.


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