CliniCare Dual


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Perfect pump for back to work.

A combination of a clean design, a compact size with a strong power that is sufficient for double-sided pumping at a professional level. Double vacuum outlet with the option of one-sided or two-sided suction. Automatic transition between massage mode and suction mode after a period of time according to the user’s choice.

The pump comes with 24 mm + 28 mm diameter cups.
Additional locomotives can be ordered for an additional fee.

The unit with Halachic approval for use on Shabbat!!!


The only breast pump with Halachic Permit to use on Shabbat

Key Features:

Innovative and ergonomic design.

Light weight pump (less than 400 grams).

Suitable for unilateral and bilateral pumping.

Also approved for operation on Saturday.

Approved by the Ministry of Health – CliniCare pumps are also approved for transfer between women!!!!

  1. Massage mode to increase the release of milk.
  2. Comes with two sets each with two suction cup sizes.
  3. Protection against milk passing between the pump motor and the milk flow area.
  4. Powerful internal battery for maximum mobility (up to 4 hours of pumping).
  5. The pump has both a massage mode (pre-pumping) and a pumping mode.
  6. When the pump is operating, a timer is activated that displays the pumping time.
  7. During its operation, the pump is silent.

Protection against milk passing between the pump motor and the milk collection area:

  1. The kit contains a strong silicone membrane that helps protect breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses during pumping.
  2. The protective membrane keeps tubes dry by completely blocking the pumped milk from the area to which the tubes are connected.
  3. There is no need to clean the tubes accompanying the kit.

Personalize your pumping experience:

  1. The customization to your needs starts with the fact that the pump has two working modes: pre-massage and suction. In both modes, the suction power is controlled by you.
  2. You have the option to determine after how long the pump will switch from massage to suction.
  3. The CliniCare pumping set contributes to increasing comfort and relaxation during pumping. All parts of the kit, which come into contact with the breast, are made of quality material that meets all medical standards and is BPA-free.
  4. Using the CliniCare Dual breast pump you can customize the pump settings according to your body’s response and follow the milk flow to find the best settings for you.
  5. The pump is light and weighs less than 400 grams and is powered by an internal battery that is enough for about 4 hours of work (even with double-sided pumping)!!!!

Technical specifications :
Vacuum power up to 330 mm Hg.
Suction: 9 intensities.
Massage: 6 intensities.
Comes with two kits each with two suction cup sizes: 24 mm + 28 mm.
Weight – 390 grams
Transformer with feed from 90V to 240V.


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